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ANIMATION FRIDAY. evan b harris

Mermaids, sailors, whales, and bison…just a few of the reasons why I’m completely hypnotized by the work of Evan B Harris. Check out more of his work here. Advertisements

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The Amazing Tim Curry

After watching one of my favorite films yet again, I couldn’t resist drawing Dr. Franknfurther….

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I’ve really fallen in love with Floria Sigismondi’s haunting work over the years; especially her music videos. Here’s one of my favorites. [sorry for the obnoxious ad at the beginning; this was the best quality video I could find]

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Oddities and friends at the flea market

Creepy… Mia’s booth filled with vintage goodness. Abe’s booth had the most amazing chairs. Of course I brought my sketchbook along. I had a pen, and the BeeGees were missing a member… A fun day indeed!

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I can’t say I’ve actually watched an entire episode of Mystery, but I have seen the intro more times than I can count. It was how I was first introduced to artist Edward Gorey; and I’ve been captivated by his work … Continue reading

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Yet another reason why Australia rocks!

I recently made a fantastic art trade with Australian artist Fee Harding aka Burntfeather. I fell in love with her print ‘Skeleton Cowboys’ and had to display it in my dining room. Take a peek into her creative world here!

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new print: Escape to Sawdust Playground, part I

Check out my new print available in my shop. Part I of a 3 part series.

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