Disneyland & California Adventure!

My mom and I recently went to Disneyland & California Adventure and had an absolute blast!
We went on the Haunted Mansion ride first (obviously), and ended the day with┬áthe new Little Mermaid ride. This was my favorite Disney princess movie growing up…I was a bit obsessed. I sang the songs non-stop and would pretend to be in a world with flippers any chance I had. So going on a ride of childhood nostalgia = awesomesauce.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died just as we got to the ride, so I improvised and made a comic of the experience.

the little mermaid ride

And just for kicks, go on the ride yourself!
*I didn’t take this video

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Bookworms in love

bookworms in love Christy Pepper Dawson

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Self Portrait

I miss Eastern Canada today.
I wish I could pick wild raspberries and run barefoot through the fields like a confused hippy.

I long for the cold river rocks to form the buttons on my shirt, and the grand fir trees to transform into a collar and hug my neck. My skin will be replaced with wildflowers and the damp forest soil. And a wild fox will follow at a distance.
I belong to this world, and this world belongs to me.

self portrait - Christy Pepper Dawson

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Potrero, CA: desert dream

I recently took a visit out to my grandmother’s ranch in Potrero California. It was a blast running around with dogs, catching grasshoppers, and making sure I didn’t step on any rattlesnakes (it is snake season after all). The temperature got to 90, but the cool mountain breeze made the dusty homestead a perfect playground.

Here are some highlights of my adventure.

potrero california cat

potrero california wild flowers

potrero california allergy attack

potrero california dog

potrero california cat & dog

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I’ve been a bit M.I.A. the last couple of weeks, but I’m hoping this will make up for it. An emotional, sweet short from Spike Jonze.

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ANIMATION FRIDAY. the rifle’s spiral

ANIMATION FRIDAY. the rifle's spiral

ANIMATION FRIDAY. the rifle's spiral

The Shins new video, from the inventive mind of Jamie Caliri.
Click for full screen:


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Custom Portrait: Krissy, Gabriel, Dante & Yuki

custom illustrated portrait by Christy Pepper Dawson

My latest custom illustration of two love birds and their sweet kitties.

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