Disneyland & California Adventure!

My mom and I recently went to Disneyland & California Adventure and had an absolute blast!
We went on the Haunted Mansion ride first (obviously), and ended the day with the new Little Mermaid ride. This was my favorite Disney princess movie growing up…I was a bit obsessed. I sang the songs non-stop and would pretend to be in a world with flippers any chance I had. So going on a ride of childhood nostalgia = awesomesauce.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died just as we got to the ride, so I improvised and made a comic of the experience.

the little mermaid ride

And just for kicks, go on the ride yourself!
*I didn’t take this video


About Christy Pepper Dawson

Christy Pepper is an illustrator of macabre misfits and whimsical worlds. Based in San Diego California.
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