Self Portrait

I miss Eastern Canada today.
I wish I could pick wild raspberries and run barefoot through the fields like a confused hippy.

I long for the cold river rocks to form the buttons on my shirt, and the grand fir trees to transform into a collar and hug my neck. My skin will be replaced with wildflowers and the damp forest soil. And a wild fox will follow at a distance.
I belong to this world, and this world belongs to me.

self portrait - Christy Pepper Dawson


About Christy Pepper Dawson

Christy Pepper is an illustrator of macabre misfits and whimsical worlds. Based in San Diego California.
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3 Responses to Self Portrait

  1. Here in central Texas, alas, anyone who runs around barefoot in nature is likely to regret it, what with cacti, nettles, burrs, and various other sharp and rough things that seem to have an undue fondness for human skin. That said, this is a land of plentiful wildflowers.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. This image and the text to match are simply beautiful. Really love your site.

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