Potrero, CA: desert dream

I recently took a visit out to my grandmother’s ranch in Potrero California. It was a blast running around with dogs, catching grasshoppers, and making sure I didn’t step on any rattlesnakes (it is snake season after all). The temperature got to 90, but the cool mountain breeze made the dusty homestead a perfect playground.

Here are some highlights of my adventure.

potrero california cat

potrero california wild flowers

potrero california allergy attack

potrero california dog

potrero california cat & dog


About Christy Pepper Dawson

Christy Pepper is an illustrator of macabre misfits and whimsical worlds. Based in San Diego California.
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3 Responses to Potrero, CA: desert dream

  1. Evan says:

    Good pictures and video. Like the lizard push ups especially. Did you notice the bird was making a dropping in the one clip?

  2. Deb Z says:

    Awesome video and pics! What great memories you were making!

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