Empty Promise

I can plan a wedding in four months but I can’t complete a short animation in over 5? Wait, what?!

As you can see, I posted an empty promise on my facebook page more than 5 months ago:

fb animation promise

I’ve been burned out creatively for some time now. I would have spirts of inspiration at times; but for the most part, it has been a struggle picking up my pen (something I’m not used to having a problem with).

But now today looks different and my mind is awake. The aroma of my White Tea & Ginger soy candle fills up my work space, as Radiohead’s The King of Limbs beats my eardrums. I’m getting back into my stop-motion animation; and I’m freakin excited. So please forgive me for being overdue on this adventure! Better late than never I suppose.

stop motion animation progress


About Christy Pepper Dawson

Christy Pepper is an illustrator of macabre misfits and whimsical worlds. Based in San Diego California.
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